It is no coincidence that its Latin name is Achillea millefolium. This is due to the ancient Greek legend, according to which the ancient Greek hero Achilles, on the advice of his wise teacher – the centaur Chiron, used this herb daily. It protected him from all diseases and contributed to his legendary strength and endurance. With its powerful antiviral and antiseptic action, white yarrow extract eradicates various viruses and bacteria.

The chemical composition of Yarrow contains:

• essential oil;
• bitter substance;
• choline;
• apigenin;
• inulin;
• tannins;
• resins;
• Vitamin C;
• vitamin K;
• organic acids;
• salicylic acid;
• alkaloids;
• flavonoids;
• fatty acids;
• mineral salts;
• mucous substances;
• essential oil content – α-pinene, brown, b-pinene, sabine, borneoacetate, 1,8-quineol, y-terpene, lemon, isoartmetic ketone, bornell, camphor, proazulene, chamazulene

The healing properties of Yarrow known in folk medicine are:

• anti-inflammatory action – effectively copes with inflammation of any type, whether it is inflammation of the respiratory tract, digestive system or circulatory system;
• improves blood circulation;
• the herb stimulates microcirculation and thus prevents the accumulation of uric acid in the joints and helps flush out toxins;
• strong antiseptic action;
• protects the body from bacterial, fungal and viral infections;
• detoxification – helps to eliminate toxins by increasing sweating;
• tones, optimizing the functions of the whole body;
• improves metabolism;
• strengthens the immune system;
• regulates the endocrine glands and helps the function of internal organs