Mountain Blackberry

According to an ancient Celtic proverb, “Blackberry is the black gold of the forest”.

The fact is that it is one of the richest plants in symbolism – symbolic blackberry bushes are prevalent in Celtic art and mythology. Motifs of twigs, leaves, or fruits of blackberries can be seen on carpets, carvings, clothes and tapestries. In Celtic folklore, blackberries are a symbol of powerful spiritual energy and protection against the evil influences of spirits, evil wizards, or astral creatures that suck the energy out of people.

According to ancient Greek legends, the Blackberry originated from the blood of the healthy and strong Titans, which the mighty Ruler of the gods Zeus managed to defeat.

In general, the Blackberry is a symbol of the connections between people and the gods, the Earth and the Heavens and in general – the CONNECTION!

It symbolizes the steadfastness and vitality of the Spirit as it grows and survives in the most incredible and hard-to-reach places.

Blackberries can be described in just three words – SOLIDITY, PERSEVERANCE, STRENGTH.

Blackberry leaves contain the following in their chemical composition:

• tannins;
• organic acids;
• flavonoids, inosine;
• magnesium salts;
• tannins;
• Vitamin C;
• essential oil;

Healing properties of Blackberry:

• antioxidant;
• general strengthening and toning;
• hemostatic and blood purifying;
• tightening;
• sweating;
• soothing.

Conditions and diseases in which Blackberries are used:

• diseases of the upper respiratory tract;
• neurosis and shortness of breath;
• increased nervous excitability and insomnia;
• food poisoning and dysentery;
• colds