Bear’s garlic

An old English proverb reads:
‘Eat leeks in March, garlic in May, all the rest of the year the doctors may play.’ The Latin name of the herb “Allium ursinum” comes from the word “Ursus” / bear / and is associated with legends and information from ancient thinkers, according to which, after waking from hibernation, bears consume this herb to remove toxins from their bodies and to regain their strength.
The first information about the hawthorn dates back to ancient times. The ancient Roman medics discovered its useful properties and treated the Roman emperors with heart problems by preparing a potion from hawthorn. Today’s science explains all this with the presence of a wide range of vitamins – A, K, C, E and group B. This whole useful blend is supplemented with biologically active substances: saponins, flavonoids, starch, essential oils, organic acids, choline, sorbitol, pectin and others. It is a scientific fact that some of the ingredients in the fruits of hawthorn are extremely rare in nature and are indispensable for the human body. The main herbs in the combined product of “BEAR’S GARLIC +” are bear’s garlic and hawthorn fruit.

Bear’s Garlic is a plant that can be eaten raw, prepared in different ways.
Bear’s Garlic has more health benefits than cultivated garlic. It is therefore a very useful addition to the diet, improving the overall health of the body by using it regularly.

It is especially effective in reducing high blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. It has been found to have a good effect on enzymatic dyspepsia. All parts of the plant can be used.

Properties of Bear’s Garlic:

• anthelmintic;
• antiasthmatic;
• anticholesterolemic;
• antiseptic;
• antispasmodic;
• astringent;
• choleretic;
• sweating;
• disinfectant;
• diuretic;
• expectorant;
• antipyretic;
• hypotonic;
• heating;
• stimulating;
• toning stomach activity;
• vasodilator

Effect of the herb:

• increases heart rate and slows heart rate;
• dilates blood vessels;
• lowers blood pressure;
• lowers blood cholesterol and clears cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels;
• has a strong phytocidal action and deals with various causes of infectious diseases;
• used to prevent dysentery

In European traditional medicine, Bear’s Garlic is recommended as a digestive stimulant, an antimicrobial agent that removes toxins from the body and prevents cardiovascular disease.