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Mountain Calluna

For many years, one question has troubled and excited scholars studying ancient Greek mythology, namely “What exactly did the ragweed and the nectar consumed by the Greek Gods contain?’’. A…

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Blueberry and Cranberry

Blueberry In ancient times, in the western part of Mount Hemus, between the provinces of Moesia and Thracia (Stara Planina, Bulgaria) lived the warlike and rebellious, Thracian tribe Tribali. They…

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Known to the Chinese and Indian cultures since ancient times, Ginger was one of the first eastern spices to reach the Mediterranean coast. Ginger was popular among sailors as early…

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Honeysuckle / Astragalus glycyphyllos / is one of the most prominent herbs in the world, associated with the strengthening of the immune system. Not coincidentally, Chinese scientists have assigned a…

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Information about Hawthorn dates back to ancient times. The ancient Roman medics discovered its useful properties and treated the Roman emperors with heart problems by preparing a decoction of Hawthorn.…

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Bear’s garlic

An old English proverb reads: ‘Eat leeks in March, garlic in May, all the rest of the year the doctors may play.’ The Latin name of the herb “Allium ursinum”…

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It is no coincidence that its Latin name is Achillea millefolium. This is due to the ancient Greek legend, according to which the ancient Greek hero Achilles, on the advice…

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Mountain Thyme

With its unique, antiseptic, antimicrobial and disinfectant properties, Thyme has been known and used by healers since ancient times. According to ancient Greek legends, Apollo (who was also a god…

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